What is Pitawala Pathana?

Sri-PadaPitawala Pathana is a unique grassland of pathana type found in the Knuckles Conservation Forest, Sri Lanka. This patana has a great ecological value. In Pitawala Pathana a grass cover spreads over an area of about 10 ha of a gently sloping rock slab covered with just a thin soil layer. The turf grass of about 10 cm in height gives a velvety appearance to this sloping expanse of grassland. Isolated and scattered trees and shrubs could be seen. Many endemic plant and animal species are found.


Date: February 14, 2014.
Crew: 4 Members
Transportation: Bus

hikingGetting There

This grassland is situated by the side of the RattotaIllukkumbura road. Colombo -> Kandy -> Matale -> Rattota -> Riversturn -> Illukkumbura (approx. 186 km)

Weather and Seasonweather

You will get amazing whether changes from hot to cold and wet to dry just by walking few hundreds of meters.


  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Photography


  • Camping Area at Pathana Gama

Special Notesnotes

  • Only two buses are heading to Illukkumbura two times a day. So if you are planning to travel through Bus stay alert to the bus schedule.
  • There’s more chance to rain as it is off-season. Be prepared with rain coats.
  • Carry enough food, water.
  • As a responsible hikers, carry all your garbage with you.

Journey Began

We started our journey at 5:30 AM and got our bus at Pettah Bus Stand. It was hard to find a Matale bus as it was Poyaday, so we got a bus to Kandy. One of our member joined us at Peradeniya.

Joining of a new member
Joining of a new member

We came to Matale by 11.00 AM, bought food from the food city and waited for Rattota bus. We missed the Illukkumbura bus. So we managed to hire a tuk tuk. Stay alert to the bus schedule if you hope to travel from buses. Tuk Tuk driver was a little boy and he was very helpful and he only ask for Rs. 800.00 where the others take Rs.1500.00.

The environment was peaceful and calm. so we got down from the Tuk Tuk and managed the rest of our journey from the foot.

This place was like a miracle land, so beautiful and amazing weather. After a while we managed to came to Pitawala. The office and the plateau was heavily crowded as it was a holiday.

We continued our hike to Pitawala Village, where we camp tonight.

There were another 3 km to Pitawala Village from the Pitawala office.

Heading to Pitawala
Heading to Pitawala

We had our lunch near a water stream.

Nice place for the lunch with naturally designed tables
Nice place for the lunch with naturally designed tables

Packed up our tents again and continued our hike.

Packing the tent
Packing the tent

Our cameras were so busy with the beauty.

It was a cloudy day and perfect for our photographers.

A look back

We came to Pitawala Village.


Paddy fields were rich and amazing

Finally we came to camping area with our local guide. He was Ranjith (0715434656), very energetic, always willing to comply, very knowledgeable about the area. He is a good entrepreneur, he had managed to get his own camping area with all camping equipment.


It was 5.30 PM and we managed to setup our camp

The camping area was neat and tidy. We managed to carry all our camping equipment. but you can use Ranjith’s camping items.


It was getting dark by 6.00 PM and we built the bonfire.

After having our dinner we slept. It was comfortable as we had a flyover over our camping tent.

We woke up early in the morning and prepare the tea. The tea was really useful as it was freezing in the morning.

As soon we had the tea, we prepared our breakfast. This was the best breakfast we ever had on a camp.

The stream near the camp area

We had a wash from the stream and started our hike.

It was a bright sunny day.

We reached to Pitawala, it was not crowded and perfect to witness the nature as it is.DSCF6742

We returned to Matale town around 3.30 PM and Theru festival was almost started, with a lot of people gathering. It was a nice surprise.

DSCF6837Finally we managed to take a Colombo bus. With the experience we got from our last hike we had a good, well managed camping and hiking experience.

We’ll see you with an another hike soon. Hasta la vista!


Written by Hikers' Haven

We promote and protect foot trails, share the untrodden areas of nature and inspire hiking.

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